We develop innovative solutions designed to address a wide range of increasingly complex issues affecting our communities and quality of life. Our Orlando landscape architecture services reflect our shared belief that we are stewards of the environment who are committed to the highest standards of planning and design.


Designing Our Communities

Landscape architects have a significant impact on our communities and quality of life. Heidt landscape architects thoughtfully design our parks, campuses, streetscapes, trails, plazas, and other features to integrate with our communities and the surrounding environments. We take pride in creating safe and accessible places that allow residents and visitors to easily walk, sit, play, exercise, relax, and explore.

Our approach is both collaborative and creative. We recognize that man-made and natural environments should be considered in balance, and we integrate design requirements with out-of-the-box thinking. The landscape architects at Heidt Design understand your challenges and our award-winning team develops creative design solutions to help you navigate through the complex process of bringing your vision to fruition.

Community Theming, Conceptual Land Planning, Landscape Planting and Irrigation Design, Amenity Design and Color Rendering are just a few of our service offerings. Our expert knowledge of market trends, the development industry, and local permitting requirements allow us to take development projects to the next level.

Landscape Architecture Services Include

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