Project Details

FishHawk Ranch is an award-winning 3,200-acre master-planned community in southeast Hillsborough County. It offers everything from residential neighborhoods with miles of trails and numerous amenities to schools, offices, and retail.

Heidt has taken the leadership role on the consulting team that has brought to life the “Traditional Neighborhood Design” theory in robust fashion at FishHawk Ranch. Park Square Town Center provides a great location for families and friends to gather for food, drinks, and numerous community events.

The FishHawk Ranch lifestyle offers residents walkable neighborhoods attached to more than 20 miles of nature trails that connect with all of the schools, neighborhood parks, and lushly landscaped amenities within the development. All of these amenities are thoughtfully balanced with habitat preservation. The significant achievement of preserving more than one-third of the property was accomplished with steadfast focus on the environment.

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